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It's difficult to pull back and edit your business plan on the fly when the market is in a slump or get caught in the maelstrom of a financial jam. You can hardly keep up with dozens of tax changes, the new taxes that you just can bedevil any plan, any project. In such moments, you need more than financial services and accounting services. You need a solution to predict and control the most difficult financial situations from the point of view of: finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, sales and management.

Financial Completer offers a complete solution that provides what you plan to be reflected in profit at the end of the year.

Three basic services in one: Accounting, Audit Financials, Tax Advice. The power of three replicates a full service and expertise for your business to grow faster!

The power of three replicates a full service and expertise for your business to grow faster! With Financial Completer you have more control over the taxes you pay and easier manage sudden increases or decreases of the economic environment. Why? We see the whole picture: correctly and effectively from accounting and fiscal point of view, without ignoring sales and marketing and respecting company policies on clients and suppliers.

We follow the rules but always get a better result!

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Our services

Financial Completer brings together in the same team three experts in the field: for tax consulting, audit of financial statements and accounting. Together they offer not 3 but 10 times more power to your company.


Professional accounting Regardless of the activity or how big your company is, we provide accounting services to prepare the journal register to specialized assistance during tax audits.

Tax consulting

Consultancy starts first with understanding the business activity and immediate or long-term needs. We provide a dedicated team with extensive experience in implementing effective solutions for companies with industrial and/or service companies.

Financial audit

Our goal is to detect potential risks to protect the interests of shareholders and investors. We carefully and consistently plan all the processes that we develop and we will work with your team throughout the project.