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Optimized Results

Image, brand, sales? All of them are very important but in the end financial performance is read carefully by management, shareholders, banks or potential investors.

Financial Completer provides financial solutions to optimize outcomes by integrating under one umbrella, the three teams with different expertise: accounting, tax consulting and auditing. Three areas as important for any business but which used a unique service that provides a multiplier effect of synergy.

Financial Completer undertake fully or completes the work of internal accounting and financial departments so as to be maximized results and avoid fiscal risks. Work with one company, but get the services of three companies with immeasurable benefits for your company.

Financial Completer is:

Fiscal Solutions - Specialists in tax consulting

Fiscal Solutions was established in 2007, is a member of the Chamber of Tax Consultants in Romania and brings together specialists in tax consulting that are able to identify current needs of your company to propose and implement an effective economic strategy. Aiming primarily at increasing business efficiency by providing appropriate tax solutions. For this purpose we have built a top team with extensive experience in tax consulting that is guided by basic principles of company:

  • effective in providing tax advisory services
  • promoting and defending the legitimate rights and interests of our clients
  • efficient and timely communication with our clients
  • avoid conflicts of interest
  • honesty, integrity, loyalty and confidentiality in dealing with customers

With experience in assisting companies both in the industry (energy, manufacturing, etc) and in services, Fiscal Solutions can find solutions to optimize financial results for any company, large or small.

KDCL Concept - Specialists in financial audit

Established in 2010, KDCL CONCEPT SRL is a member of Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania and provides audit services of the highest quality and professionalism.

People of KDCL Concept are passionate about this profession, with over 10 years experience, able to provide the required support to solve your problems.

Our auditors have extensive experience in a number of industries, enabling them to detect potential risk areas for your business and provide customized solutions specific to your business environment.

Fortis Accounting - Specialists in Accounting

At Fortis Accounting, accounting, financial and tax consulting founded in 2007, you will find a staff with training and experience in accounting and finance. Our accountants are members of CECCAR always up to date with legislative changes in the field and able to advise and assist the company in difficult times as well as fiscal controls. Strict observance of laws, provide accounting services from the calculation of taxes to statements and financial statements.

We are flexible and we can work in collaboration or taking the whole system of accounting responsibilities of your company.

We offer an excellent alternative for outsourcing accounting services that our clients have reduced operational costs.

More details at www.fortis-accounting.ro.