Our areas of expertise

Financial Completer has developed expertise in several economic sectors covering basic operations and especially the advice on special rules for taxation optimization company:

Energy Industry
Advice on implementation of European directives and their effect, operating licenses and permits, excise and special taxes, ANRE regulations, fees and costs regulated;

Oil Industry
Advice on specific risks and industrial hazards, special rules of sanitation, excise and specific taxes, industrial regulations, financial efficiency in operation;

Automotive industry
Advice on taxation and international regulations, foreign trade and import of subassemblies, financial risk management, reducing negative influences or risk sensitive markets, covering currency exchange risk;

Civil and industrial construction
Advice on laws for quality construction, special tax, legal classification for tax deductions optimization, getting benefit from laws to stimulate the market;

Advice on online commerce, tax deductions, refunds and specific guarantees, financial regulations for promotions and discounts, inventory management, recovery of VAT;

Advice on operating fees, rules permit of insurance brokers, admitted assets, valuation of assets, rules regarding the calculation of mathematical reserves, specific financial reporting;

Advice on specific fees and licenses for operation, fiscal incentives or special programs and laws to support industry, financial efficiency of the activity, limiting the financial risk;

Non-profit organizations.
Advice on VAT for non-profit organizations, special taxes, local taxes, tax regulations in force, financial management, specific documents for donations;

All other fields may also be covered by our experts after a preliminary study of legislation and best practice.