Tax consulting

Tax consulting

Consultancy starts first with understanding the business activity and immediate or long-term needs. We provide a dedicated team with extensive experience in implementing effective solutions for companies with industrial and/or service companies. Our team will review in detail and create a strategy for tax optimization based on real data.

The stated goal: to give you more control over the fees you pay each year. General tax advice relates to reports, legal opinions and views on the application of the rules governing:

  • Tax
  • VAT
  • Excise
  • Foreign income tax withholding
  • personal income tax
  • local taxes

What do you get?

Tax Consultancy: preparing reports, legal opinions, views on the provisions of treaties to avoid double taxation, assistance during tax audits done by the authorities, and representation in relation to tax authorities, assistance and representation in fulfilling legal procedures appeal decisions to impose and any documents issued by public authorities in the field of taxation, assistance and representation in courts of first instance, courts of appeal and Supreme Court litigation on tax matters.